“Last Forever” – The series finale of “How I Met Your Mother” and why it is not the outrage people think it is

Ted finally met the Mother. That was the story we have been watching for the last nine years.

How I Met Your Mother debuted for us in 2005… And it was Awesome. And for nine years–NINE YEARS–Carter Bays and Craig Thomas have peeled back the onion layers of these five people’s lives to reveal to us who this mystery woman is.

It was a year ago where I sat on this very same couch and yelled out for all the world to hear, “Holy Shit!” They had just revealed the Mother. End of series you might think? Wrong! There was more to come.

Ted had not yet met the Mother… only we had. We the ever-omnipotent audience watching this whole story unfold, year after painstaking year every time asking ourselves… is this it? Does he really meet her this time?

And so we got one more season of How I Met Your Mother. One season spanning three days and beyond. It was on that third day that Ted met the mother of his precious children… Penny and Luke (if memory serves correct.)

And had it ended there, it would have been an ending tied up in a near little bow. But that is not how it went down. They told us the story of after, and SPOILER ALERT, it turns out that the Mother left us. And now the characters knew something that we didn’t know yet. The tables were finally turned. The Mother, Tracy Mosby nee McConnell passes away.

You see, kids, it turns out that life doesn’t end on the perfect moment. Life doesn’t end wrapped up with a neat little bow, all dressed up perfectly. It’s messy. People Change. Lives change. Plans change. The only constant in life, is change.

All through the series, Ted has been giving us life lessons hidden in the many chapters that were the story of how he met their mother. And he told that story beautifully, from start to finish. But Ted, as guided by his makers Carter and Craig, taught us one final life lesson: There is always hope for the future; there can still be good things ahead, even if it’s been in the rear view mirror the whole time.

Ted ends up with Robyn, or so we might think. We saw the nine year slice of life that was Ted’s pursuit for his soulmate, for the mother of his children. And he found her, and it was awesome, for a while at least. He lost her. But the future still has hope. A future with Robyn. And that, kids, is awesome too. True story.


Movie Review: This is 40

Ok, kids. It’s movie review time. I’ve actually seen several films since Flight. I’m going to start with the most recent, because, well, that’s the easiest one to remember.

This is 40. Judd Apatow’s “sequel” to Knocked Up. Now i went into this film with reduced expectations. sequels rarely succeed in my book. And Knocked Up, with no disrespect to Mr. Apatow, fell short of expectations itself.  I think Judd is a genius, but this past decade he has been hit or miss with me.

This is 40, sadly, was a miss. I was hoping for best entering this movie. I wanted this to be good. The trailer looked good. Paul Rudd always does good. I was hoping for something that would keep me in stitches.

Quite a few of the jokes were funny. But the whole thing just felt forced. It felt like they tried to force every old generation vs young generation gaff they could into the time they had. Then, when they realized they had too much, they didn’t cut the weaker jokes, they just expanded the movie.

I felt I had jumped several years of my life and ended up at 40 myself. The generation jokes, again some were funny, were peppered interspersed amongst several plots none of which I cared about.

Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann did their jobs well. I just don’t feel the believed in what they were selling us on the screen. The saving grace of the story was Jason Segel’s character, Jason.  He always makes the screen work. He and Rudd were fantastic together  in ‘I Love You, Man’. He totally owned Apatow’s production, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

If they had cut this movie by like half an hour, dropped a couple of the extraneous plots, and beefed up the rest, this movie would have been aces.  Judd, you’re awesome. Stop trying so hard to prove it.

Was I expecting something more? I don’t know.

More Reviews Coming, Sports, Etc.

Hey everyone! Between writing, the holidays and everything else I haven’t had the chance to post any reviews.

That’s not to say I haven’t seen any films. I’ve seen many, so my backlog of reviews is getting pretty big. But stay tuned, their coming!

In other news, the NHL lockout is coming to an end… Too little, too late. Granted we’ll get a season, or it’s so small its a “Seasonette”. Yes I have created a new word. New Years Resolution complete!

In short, the NHL season is dead to me. They can try again in the fall to win my love. In the meantime it’s a great January in football so far. My Crimson Tide of Alabama (not an alum, just a loyal subject) took the BCS. I just wish it had been harder, for an even sweeter victory.

The NFL playoffs are moving in full force and I’m excited to watch some good football, culminating in another ring for my Patriots.

Once the Superbowl is done,I simply must bide my time for another month until Spring Training starts up, and the boys of summer take the fields once more.

2013 is going to be an awesome year. Good sports happening for my teams. Good movies coming to the big screen. And in my own endeavours, Downfall is going to get some company in the completed scripts page.



“Flight” stays aloft, but doesn’t soar

How does this happen?

How it possible to have a movie that is well-directed, well written, well shot and well acted, but still fall short of expectations?

Robert Zemeckis’ return to live action somehow pulled this off.

Let me first be clear. I did not hate this movie. How could I?  The director who brought me ‘Back To The Future’, the writer of ‘Hardball’ and ‘Coach Carter’, and the star of ‘Crimson Tide’, ‘Training Day’, and ‘Remember the Titans’. How can these masters of drama not produce a good movie?

The problem is, it wasn’t great. As much as I love a good character driven drama., this whole film felt like a $30 million PSA on the adverse effects of alcoholism.

Now, Denzel sold this. He played the drunk pilot, Whip, really well.  I felt for his struggle.

Don Cheadle was solid as the man who held up the mirror for Denzel’s character. 

And Mr. John Goodman himself stole the show with his 2 scenes as Harling Mays, Whip’s drug dealing buddy. Goodman and Washington have a great on-screen chemistry and it shines through here.

Throw in the lovely Kelly Reilly as Nicole, Whip’s love interest, and you have a solid cast.

If I were to throw around ratings, I’d give this movie a solid 3 out 5 stars.

I was just hoping for more story. It’s all about the story.

Thus is my own problem. I love a character piece. But I love a heavy plot. Find me a plot-driven character piece. Impossible? Nah. Nothing is impossible..on film.


Downfall now available on ‘My Scripts’ page

Hey all,

Check out my script, DOWNFALL, on the scripts page.


J. Lawrence Head

NHL Winter Classic Cancelled

Well, I guess the nail is officially in the coffin.

I just got the word that the NHL has cancelled the NHL winter classic, originally slated to be in Detroit, Michigan.


I suppose I should have seen this coming.

The saddest part about the NHL strike, amongst many sad parts, is that once the NFL season is done (after the superbowl), I will be devoid of my televised sports.  Well, at least until spring training.  I cannot wait until baseball season starts again.

 My apologies to NBA fans, but I just can’t get behind basketball. I’m Sorry.

So what am I left with?  Time to start watching some minor league action. I went to four Vancouver Canadians baseball games last year, and I am a full believer in the whole-heartedness of the minor leagues. These kids have something that has been lacking in the pros, or so the strike has shown us: HEART.

Hmm maybe that’s why I love indie films and indie rock so much… worth pondering…

Pizza Chilli Cheese Fries — Enough Said

A must have

Thank Psych for these on USA Network.. well the idea. I googled and found them. Now I must make them.