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NHL Winter Classic Cancelled

Well, I guess the nail is officially in the coffin.

I just got the word that the NHL has cancelled the NHL winter classic, originally slated to be in Detroit, Michigan.


I suppose I should have seen this coming.

The saddest part about the NHL strike, amongst many sad parts, is that once the NFL season is done (after the superbowl), I will be devoid of my televised sports.  Well, at least until spring training.  I cannot wait until baseball season starts again.

 My apologies to NBA fans, but I just can’t get behind basketball. I’m Sorry.

So what am I left with?  Time to start watching some minor league action. I went to four Vancouver Canadians baseball games last year, and I am a full believer in the whole-heartedness of the minor leagues. These kids have something that has been lacking in the pros, or so the strike has shown us: HEART.

Hmm maybe that’s why I love indie films and indie rock so much… worth pondering…