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Movie Review: This is 40

Ok, kids. It’s movie review time. I’ve actually seen several films since Flight. I’m going to start with the most recent, because, well, that’s the easiest one to remember.

This is 40. Judd Apatow’s “sequel” to Knocked Up. Now i went into this film with reduced expectations. sequels rarely succeed in my book. And Knocked Up, with no disrespect to Mr. Apatow, fell short of expectations itself.  I think Judd is a genius, but this past decade he has been hit or miss with me.

This is 40, sadly, was a miss. I was hoping for best entering this movie. I wanted this to be good. The trailer looked good. Paul Rudd always does good. I was hoping for something that would keep me in stitches.

Quite a few of the jokes were funny. But the whole thing just felt forced. It felt like they tried to force every old generation vs young generation gaff they could into the time they had. Then, when they realized they had too much, they didn’t cut the weaker jokes, they just expanded the movie.

I felt I had jumped several years of my life and ended up at 40 myself. The generation jokes, again some were funny, were peppered interspersed amongst several plots none of which I cared about.

Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann did their jobs well. I just don’t feel the believed in what they were selling us on the screen. The saving grace of the story was Jason Segel’s character, Jason.  He always makes the screen work. He and Rudd were fantastic together  in ‘I Love You, Man’. He totally owned Apatow’s production, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

If they had cut this movie by like half an hour, dropped a couple of the extraneous plots, and beefed up the rest, this movie would have been aces.  Judd, you’re awesome. Stop trying so hard to prove it.

Was I expecting something more? I don’t know.